After-School Clubs


We have a variety of clubs that children are encouraged to take part in. These are a mix of before and after school, with some taking place during the school day. Some clubs are free whilst others have a charge, particularly if they are run by an outside provider. Days, providers and costs are subject to change.



All4Sports run our sports after school clubs and offer different sporting activities each term.  The children have enjoyed taking part in a variety of different sports and team activities.   This term, our Key Stage 1 children can choose to be part of multi-sports club, football club and /or gymnastics club.  Run by external, experience sports staff, pre-booking and a charge apply to these activities.


We are trialing a dance club this year which will be run by an outside provider.  The teacher is highly experienced but pre-booking and charges will apply.


Music lessons will be offered throughout the school year for either individual lessons or shared lessons. These will take place during the school day. These can be organised by signing up on the Cambridgeshire Music website ( Pre-booking and a charge will apply to these.