Aims and Ethos

At Trumpington Park Primary School we aim to offer a high-quality education to every child, through an enriching, innovative and varied curriculum. We believe that every child should enjoy a positive and ambitious learning experience rooted in a wealth of life experiences.

Our Aims:


  • Children are encouraged to be confident and happy learners who believe in themselves and have pride in their own special qualities.
  • Children develop and maintain a love of learning through the provision of stimulating opportunities in an enriching environment.
  • We want our children to have high expectations of themselves and high aspirations for the future.
  • We want our children and families to share in success and celebrate the many diverse achievements we strive for and succeed in.
  • Through health related activities and our strong PSHE ethos, we want our children and families to feel encouraged to maintain a positive well-being and sense of self.
  • We aim to build a strong sense of community and build strong relationships with parents/carers and other groups within the locality.
  • We want to promote the importance of team work and collaboration, ensuring children have many varied opportunities to practise and reinforce these skills.
  • We encourage children to respect each other and value the contributions we all make.
  • We aim to celebrate the diversity within our school community, home country and wider world, understanding that we are all different, all special and all unique – promoting tolerance and compassion for these differences.